Managing People Using The Value Immersion Process
What is Value Immersion
Value Immersion is a process involving integration of a specific set of positive values into an organizational setting.  When implemented the values stimulate a workplace environment where people do their best in their jobs.  The benefits of this program accrue to employees, managers, and the organization (company, group, sub-unit, etc.).  Employees benefit as a result of being part of a supportive, productive, and safe work place.  Managers benefit because when their employees are doing their best they are also successful and enjoy all of the trappings of that success:  advancement, money, prestige, etc.  In addition, managers experience the personal rewards of knowing that they have created a positive work life for their subordinates.  The organization benefits because of efficiencies and product quality produced by a group of employees who are doing their best.

You can learn about how to create such a work place environment in the new book "Value Immersion for Maximum Employee Performance: A Framework for Getting the Best from Your People".  In a simple, easy to read, format the author provides a description of how the process works, the values that are important, and how to implement the program in your organization.  The author, Tom Collins, is a seasoned manager with over 35 years of experience in leading professionals in the work place.  He spent many years developing and implementing this process and was widely recognized for creating an extraordinarily high quality work place for his people during his 23 year tenure as Deputy Director, Administrative Affairs at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

Pages linked to this web site contain blogs from selected chapters in the book.  Peruse them and you will begin to see how this program can be a valuable approach to managing your employees.
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