Managing People Using The Value Immersion Process
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Subject:  Query:  Maximizing Employee Performance

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As an MBA graduate of the UCLA Anderson School of Management and a manager of people for over thirty years I know how hard it can be to motivate employees to give their best in their jobs.  Even more difficult is to sustain that performance over the long run.  My book titled "Value Emersion for Maximum Employee Performance: A Framework for Getting the Best from Your People" shows how integrating a set of positive values into the workplace can motivate people to give their best in their jobs.

The concepts and practices described in this book have been developed during many years of research, observation, experimentation, and operational success.  It follows the outline I developed when two other managers and I were invited to describe to a University of California wide conference on quality of work life how we had created such a positive work place for out employees.  The program was well received by that audience as it was by attendees at a number of subsequent professional meetings where I was invited to present my ideas.  It really works; in fact my staff urged me to write this book in hopes that others would experience the same benefits and rewards they enjoyed in their work life.

The market for this book includes managers and executives in government, universities, and business who supervise professional staffs.  Any manager worth his salt knows that the extent of his success is dependent on how well he is able to motivate the people under him to do their best.  In fact, many of the 1500 + attendees at the conferences where I have presented the program have indicated an interest in implementing it in their own organizations and asked when a book would be available.  This short (37,000 word – computer count) easy to understand book will be a must read for any manager who wishes to get the best from his people.  It can be successfully marketed in professional journals, educational programs, management seminars, professional meetings, and my web site, which is in development.

I can provide a synopsis of the book or a complete manuscript.  If you would like to look further into its potential please contact me at the email address below.

Thank you for your consideration.

Tom Collins
Deputy Director, Administrative Affairs
Associate Vice Chancellor, Marine Sciences
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
University of California, San Diego
P. O. Box 835
Pine Valley, CA  91962
(619) 987-1566
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